Faculty of Journalism and Communication


→ The Grotius School of Journalism, offers a three-year full time Bachelor of Journalism and Communication degree programme as well as a two (2) years Diploma in Journalism and Media Management that satisfy the requirements of the Press and Journalist Act (1995) and the demands for the National Council for Higher Education in academically equipping students and sufficiently preparing them to undertake professional training in Journalism, Communications and Media Management.

→ The Grotius School of Information Technology, offers a Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), a three (3) years full-time degree program and a two (2) years Diploma in Information Technology open to all prospective students. The program is concerned with the application of existing computing technologies to the information needs of organizations and individual computer users. The current curriculum was designed with emphasis on having the student acquire the business, media, computing and communication skills necessary for employment and career opportunities in today‚Äôs ICT industries and business organizations.

Students on this Programme develop conceptual and practical IT skills in integrating financial, organizational, marketing and production/service function with an overall business strategy. Most students will take up administrative positions in Information and Communication Technology sectors, Systems Analysts, Web-Designers, Web Programmers, Information Technology Planners, IT Company Secretaries and IT Project Managers.

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