Research at The Uganda Pentecostal University

We are a leading research and training in the region. The Uganda Pentecostal University (UPU) promotes vibrant interaction between the professors, researchers and the Undergraduate students. The programmes offered have played a vital role in enabling a vast number of students excel in their academic endeavours. Using the vast library, the students develop as professionals with integrity, power of critical inquiry, logical thought and independent judgment.

At the UPU, research is a key component in achieving the strategic goals. It produces work that is may be most immediately applicable or with long term implications and applicability. It aims at generating and disseminating knowledge on public administration, law, social sciences, journalism, education and business management. Students and staff explore new dynamics in public administration, public sector reforms, civil services, financing and performance of management of the public and private sectors. The UPU research is available to the academic and practitioners through conferences, research partnerships and aiming at influencing policy-makers and practitioners in the development of our country.

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