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The Grotius School of Development Studies
Development Studies is a professional inter-disciplinary programme, whose core concepts can also be taught to students pursuing other courses. Its concept of development is multi-dimensional, as it covers the complex totality of social, political, economic and physical development. As a professional course, it is important to have a component of Field Attachment and Internship to enhance student’s knowledge of development theory with practical skills. It is also recommended to have some degree of specialization into the different aspects/sectors of Development, depending on the interests or objectives of a University. Courses offered include:

 > The Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies, a 3 year programme
 > Diploma in Development Studies, a 2 year programme.


The Grotius School of Social Sciences
The Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences is a three year programme. It consists of seven subjects namely; Political Science, Social Administration, Sociology, Economics, psychology, philosophy and Gender and Development. Students may also take courses from other relevant Faculties/Land Institutes such as Faculty of Arts, Institute of Economics and Psychology.

> Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BPA), Duration: 3 years
> Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (BSWASA), Duration: 3 years
> Diploma in Public Administration (DPA), Duration: 2 years


Application Requirements
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