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Moot Court

Moot court is a simulated court or arbitration proceeding in which participants, often law students, engage in a mock trial or appellate argument. The term "moot" in this context refers to a hypothetical or academic exercise rather than a real case.
On the 11th November 2023 the Kampala campus was invited to the main campus for the moot competion. Read more.....




The Board of Directors and the University Council of the Uganda Pentecostal University (UPU) are pleased to announce the appointment of Prof.Pelucy Ntambirweki to the position of Vice Chancellor of UPU, with effect from 13 June 2023

Prof. Pelucy Ntambirweki has over 30 years experience in management, having served at senior managment and leadership roles both locally and internationally. Prior to her promotion to the Vice Chancellor, Mrs Ntambirweki was the Deputy Vice Chancellor(Administration) at UPU, a position she has held since 2019.

Before joining UPU as the DVC she was a consultant with the World Bank Group.
Mrs.Ntambirweki held senior management and leadership positions at UNICEF Eswatini, UNICEF Nigeria, UNICEF South Sudan and UNICEF Eritrea.

Congulatulation upon your  appointment as the new Vice Chancellor of The Uganda Pentecostal University

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The Grotius Lawyers' day and dinner is a day that brings together law students at  the Uganda Pentecostal University under the Grotius Law society with legal practioners in the labour world. Click here for more


University graduation is one of the most important milestones in a student’s study journey. On this day, the journey one has had in ones’ studies is celebrated on a grand scale.
On the 18 th February 2023, The Uganda Pentecostal University (UPU) held the 18 th graduation ceremony where over 300 three hundred students were conferred degrees, diplomas and certificates in various disciplines. This year’s themes was “resilience and innovations are key for survival”.

It was an auspicious occasion as parents celebrated with their children for having successfully completed their studies especially having endured two years of lockdowns and adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic on their livelihoods. The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Pelucy Ntambirweki congratulated the students and parents for their achievements and encouraged them to be good UPU ambassadors.

The Guest of Honor was Nobert Mao who is the Minister of Constitution Affairs and Justice. He encouraged the graduands to emphasised research and innovations. He encouraged them to be confident and open mind, having deposited massively in their heads.

On the day of graduation, Dr. Maggie Kigozi was confirmed the new Chancellor of the Uganda Pentecostal University. She commended the board, staff and University fraternity and will work with them keep UPU shining

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